What products are warranted?

All our products are with 12 Months warranty.

Where to go for warranty service?

Contact customer service for warranty claim.

I can exchange or return an item?

We offer 14 Days return period for all items.

Exchange : Sorry we do not offer product exchange.

In some cases, the warranty is not provided?

Warranty does not cover defects and damage resulting from:

  • Normal wear and tear of the equipment or otherwise due to the normal aging of the equipment
  • The Product being used other than in a normal and customary manner.
  • Any disassembly, repair, alteration or modifications carried out by anyone
  • Misuse, abuse, negligence or an accident howsoever caused.
  • Improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, or any alteration or modification of the Product.
  • Spillage of food or liquids, corrosion, rust or the use of wrong voltage.